How to uninstall software

How to uninstall software

 NOTE: If you have entered any data in the software program first back up and copy the back up to your desktop you will need this to restore the data after you install again.

1. Click on Start menu of your PC, All Programs, LaserLink for 20xx and click on uninstall LaserLink       




2. A uninstall window will appear, click on the Next button. This will uninstall your software program.




3. You will need to delete two more files from your PC. Click on your Start menu and Computer.




4. Double click on your Local Drive.




5. Double click on Program Files or Program Files (x86)




6. Highlight and delete LaserLink for 20xx file and LaserLink for 20xx Setup Log. txt file. Your 20xx program is now successfully uninstalled.


7. After you have Delete the 2 files go to your desktop and Empty the Recycle Bin 

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