How to file electronically with the IRS/SSA

1. Select the Electronic Filing option under the Filing My Forms menu.


2. Click the Submit forms for Filing with the IRS/SSA button to access the upload wizard.


 3. The upload wizard displays important information about Electronic Filings. Please read    

    carefully. When you are finished reading click the Next button.

Efile 3.bmp 

4. A step-by-step overview of the Upload process.  Please read carefully. When you are 

    finished reading click the Next button.


5. Manage User Accounts for Efile Processing. Click the Add buttonto set up an account to Efile  

    through the software.


6. Adding an Efile/ Account Record. Fill in the necessary information required. Click the Finish  

    button to add record.


7. Verifying Account Status. Make sure email address is Verified. Click the Next button to

    proceed to next screen.


8. Choose which Account to use for Upload session. Click on the Select Account button so   

     email address will appear next to Selected Account. Click the Next button to proceed to 

     next screen.


9. Choose how records will be selected for Upload session.

     *All Forms for All Filers

     *All Forms for selected Filers

     *Selected Forms types for All Filers

     *Selected Forms types for selected Filers

    Click the Next button to proceed to next screen.


10. Select the printer for your Upload Instructions. If you need to select a different printer to use click on the

      Select a different Printer or Port button. Click the Next button to proceed to next screen.


11. Ready to generate your Upload file! Confirm the settings below before starting the 

       generation process. If you need to make any changes click on the Back button. Click on 

       the Finish button to upload your file.


12. Confirm processing of eFile data.

    1. Sign Digital Signature
    2. View Control Totals Report button  
    3. Click on Submit button


13. Your new eFile session has been created. Once you have read the instructions click on the

        OK button.


14. Completed Service Bureau Electronic Filing Session. Your eFile session will be listed below.  

      You will get an email confirmation. Please note your Federal Copy will be electronically      

      submitted to the IRS/SSA around March 16th the electronic filing deadline is March 31st. In

      cases where March 31st falls on a weekend or a Federal holiday, the deadline is automatically  

      extended to the next business day. Once they are submitted to the IRS/SSA you will get

      another email confirmation.

Efile 18.bmp 

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