How to Restore Your Data 2012 and older

Before you begin:

Restoring a data file means losing ALL changes made since the last backup. Thus it's smart to backup your data on a regular basis.

The tax software program must be closed while restoring data. 

You will need to have an uncompress program installed on your computer such as WinZip.  If you do not have one you can download WinZip at


Steps to Restore Data:

  1. Close the tax software program.
  2. Locate the back up file - if you used the Back up utility it will be located in the following directory, depending on the software you purchased: C:\Tax\LaserLink for 20##\Data Backups\ or
    C:\Tax\TFP for 20.## Data Backups\ or
    C:\Tax\TaxRight for 20##\Data Backups\
  3. Double click on the Zip Backup file and select Extract All Files from the folder task menu
  4. The Extraction Wizard will open
  5. Click the Next button to proceed
  6. Change the default location of where the files will be placed by entering one of the following depending on the software you purchased on the screen below:
    C:\Tax\LaserLink for 20##Data or
    C:\Tax\TFP for 20##\Data or
    C:\Tax\TaxRight for 20##\Data

    a. Change this
    b. to this
  7. Then click the Next button
  8. Click the Yes to All button on the next screen
  9. Then click the Finish button when complete
  10. When you open the software program the next time all of your data will be replaced by the data from teh back up file.

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