How to Print Forms

To print forms

  1. Select the form to you wish to print from the Current Form drop list - the below screen shot shows the forms available in LaserLink, TFP and TaxRight offer fewer forms.
  2. Select the Print/Mail Forms Myself option under the Printing & Mailing menu
    How to print mail.jpg
  3. On the Printing Tax Forms screen choose pending forms to print:
    * All pending forms for the current filer (default selection)
    * Manually select forms for the current filer (this option allows you to tag individual records)
    * All pending forms for all filers
    * All pending forms for selected filer (this option allows you to tag individual filers for this print session)
  4. How_to_print_mail_begin.jpg
  5. Click the Begin Print Process button to access the Print Wizard.

  6. The Print Wizard displays the number of recipients selected for printing.  To verify these recipients, amounts, or other information you are encouraged to first run a Control Totals report.

  7. To proceed with the Print Wizard click Next button. Use the Back button at any time to go back a step.
    Select your TIN Masking options for this print run.

  8. Click a recipient in the list to select it. Then click the Tag button to mask the SSN. Click the Untag button to leave the TIN unmasked.

  9. Select Printer and Paper Type:
    * Review the selected printer and change if necessary
    * Choose your paper type; Preprinted forms or Blank stock

  10. Select the copies you wish to print

  11. Print a test page to confirm proper alignment

  12. Select a sort order to print forms:
    * By Last Name/Company Name (default)
    * By TIN
    * By Zip Code (use to presort mailings for the post office)
    * By State Abbreviation

  13. Indicate your preview preference:
    * Ask me before processing each copy (default)
    * Yes, preview each selected copy type without asking me
    * No, send the forms directly to the printer without previewing them
    * Review print summary and if satisfied, click "Print" to begin printing

  14. Indicate if forms are ready to send to the IRS/SSA:
    * Select "I haven't printed my red Copy A yet..." if you are still printing copies of these records.  These records have a pending status and are available for edits and further printing.
    * Select "I have printed and verified my red Copy A forms..." after printing/approving all copies of these records.  These records are assigned a printed status and are now ready to generate a 1096/W-3 transmittal.

  15. Click the Finish button when you have completed printing to exit the Print Wizard

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