How to Set Up an Employer/Filer

    1. Click the File Menu and select  Employer/Filers from the list to open the Filer/Employer/Payer Master List
      Filer Employer.jpg
    2. On the Filer/Employer/Payer Master List screen, click the Add button located in the lower right hand corner of the screen
      Filer Employer master list.jpg
    3. This opens the Add a Filer Record form
    4. Click through each tab and complete all of the informationFiler_3A.bmp
      NOTE:  Use the Add button to add a Contact Person, Department and Phone Number. At least one contact is required. The phone number prints on Copy B and 1096/W-3 Transmittals.  The name prints only on the 1096/W-3 Transmittals. Each field with the exception of Extension is required. Department name does not print and is only used internally so you can assign any code you wish for internal tracking.

    5. When you have completed the information on each tab click the OK button

    6. This will close the form and save the Filer information to the Master List
      Filer Employer master list.jpg
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