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FAQs for new 2013 Tax Software – LaserLink, TFP and TaxRight

Jaime Lizotte
posted this on September 12, 2013, 11:38 AM

We understand will all the changes made in the 2013 Tax Software that there are many questions to be answered.  So below you will find all the Frequently Asked Questions about the changes and updates we have made, along with the answers.  If you still have a question you do not see answered below please contact our customer service department by submitting a ticket, live chat, email or phone. 


Q: Why is the software no longer supported by Windows 98, 2000 or 2003?

A: We are not saying our software will not work on those platforms, it probably does.  We can't support those versions because Microsoft no longer supports those versions and it would be very difficult for us to diagnose problems on those versions.


Q: Can I import my data from a previous year?

A: Yes, just as all other versions did, you can import your data from the previous year version of the Tax Software you used.  If you need assistance trying to roll over your previous years data, you can contact our technical support team via email: or phone: 1-866-483-8131


Q: Can I make changes right on a tax form I have created?

A: Yes, you can make changes right on the tax form, however if you are changing Payer or Recipient information and want that information to be changed on all tax forms associated you MUST make the change on the Payer on Recipients file, not on the individual tax form.


Q: Why are there more forms listed in the Tax Forms Instructions than what is actually offered in the software?

A: We are actively updating our software and will be adding more forms to the software prior to the 2013 Tax Season starting (approximately November 2013). At times, the IRS will make last minute revisions or changes, which will result in updates to this program.


Q: When I import previous year data I can select the payer I want to import but not the recipients?

A: That is correct, as we moved to a new platform this year all data from your previous year is being imported and in order to make sure nothing was missed we chose to just create each payer and a total list of recipients from your previous year.  So as you import a payer all of your recipients will be added into your 2013 software.  Once imported you can then assign each recipient to their specific payer as you create a tax form for them or you can delete any recipients you do no longer need. 

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